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VFX Reels

The Wolf of Wall Street

Some of the visual effects shots done by Brainstorm Digital (with Eran as VFX supervisor) for Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-nominated film. The reel shows the type of “invisible” visual effects that support production needs (in this case, changing the locations of scenes). 

The Greatest Showman

Eran and the Brainstrom team created stylized matte painting environments for this musical film. 

Uncut Gems

Working with the Safdie brothers on Uncut Gems was a unique creative journey. Eran describes here the process of creating the imaginary ride through the opal in the film’s opening scene.

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Eran spent two weeks with the film crew shooting the Chicago riot scenes in the historical location (Grant Park). One of the main challenges was to multiply the number of protesters and policemen, using a combination of on-set tiles, sprites and CG doubles.

Hereditary: the opening shot

The opening shot of Ari Aster’s horror film required a seamless transition from a dollhouse miniature room to the first scene. This video breaks down the process.

The Lost City of Z

Some of the VFX shots that Brainstorm did for this film, including the Piranhas attack scene, which was shot in an old diving pool in Belfast.

Wonder Wheel

Much of this film takes place in an apartment situated right inside the Coney Island amusement park in the 1950’s. Eran and the Brainstorm team built a replica of the park with a combination of CG and matte painting.

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