The Greatest Showman

Eran and the Brainstrom team created stylized matte painting environments for this musical film. 

Wonder Wheel

Another collaboration with Woody Allen and Cinematigrapher Vitorio Storaro, this complex project required modeling and animating a detailed environment of 1950's Coney Island, using a combination of CG and matte paintings.  


Complicated stunts, detailed CG environment of NYC at night, large crowd extensions - Nerve presented some exciting challenges for Eran and the Brainstorm Digital team. 

Cafe Society

Working with Woody Allen and legendary cinematographer Vittorio Storaro on Cafe Society was an absolute pleasure. Here is a short reel showing some of the matte painting and period cleanup shots from the movie.

Sons of Liberty

The three-night A&E miniseries about the early stages of the American Revolution involved extensive CG environments. It also required detailed representation of period war and merchant ships, a historically accurate version of John Hancock's house, underwater shots and battle scenes.

The Wolf of Wall Street

This demo reel shows only a few of about 100 visual effects shots done by Brainstorm Digital (with Eran as VFX supervisor) for Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-nominated film. The enthusiastic reaction to this reel can be attributed to the fact that it shows the type of “invisible” visual effects that go practically unnoticed by viewers of the movie, until they are revealed in a reel like this. For Eran and the artists who worked very hard to create seamless integration between footage and CG, having the effects go unnoticed is a compliment!

The Immigrant

Eran had the pleasure of working closely with director James Gray on this beautiful movie starring Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner. The movie which takes place in NY in the 1920’s, required some intricate matte painting and compositing work in order to reconstruct places which do not exist anymore (like the Tombs) or to bring back existing places to their 1920’s look (like Ellis Island, which had no trees at that period). 

Boardwalk Empire

Eran joined Brainstorm Digital as a compositing supervisor for the second season of Boardwalk Empire, and became VFX supervisor midway through the production.  This reel shows some of the classic Boardwalk set extensions and matte paintings, as well as the tricky Harrow face shots. For this work, Eran and his teammates were awarded a Primetime Emmy and received two Visual Effects Society Awards, for compositing and modeling.

The Men Who Built America

VFX shots in this History Channel documentary series involved some tricky matte painting and compositing work, in addition to a full CG water simulations for a flood sequence, all at a very tight budget. Barinstorm Digital with Eran as VFX supervisor were nominated for a VES award for their visual effects work on this series. 


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