The Art and Techniques of VFX for Directors, Producers, Editors and Cinematographers

The Filmmaker’s Guide to Visual Effects offers a practical, detailed guide to visual effects for non-VFX specialists working in film and television.


In contemporary filmmaking and television production, visual effects are used extensively in a wide variety of genres and formats to contribute to visual storytelling, help deal with production limitations, and reduce budget costs. Yet for many directors, producers, editors, and cinematographers, visual effects remain an often misunderstood aspect of media production.


In this book, award-winning VFX supervisor and instructor Eran Dinur introduces readers to visual effects from the filmmaker’s perspective, providing a comprehensive guide to conceiving, designing, budgeting, planning, shooting, and reviewing VFX, from pre-production through post-production.

Editorial Reviews


"The Filmmaker’s Guide to Visual Effects is a unique and essential guide for filmmakers and producers to navigate the complex world of VFX to effectively make better films. You need to read this book if you are a filmmaker that needs a simple or complex visual effects shot; your film will be better, and it will be completed sooner and it will cost less if you understand how to work with VFX."

―John McIntosh, Chairman, School of Visual Arts, Computer Art, Animation and Visual Effects - Board of Directors, Visual Effects Society (VES) | New York

"The Filmmaker’s Guide to Visual Effects is an indispensable tool for filmmakers. Writing in a clear, concise style, the author makes the possibilities of VFX accessible to directors, producers, editors, cinematographers – anyone who wishes to know more about how to use its power to better tell their stories."

―Arthur Vincie, Writer/Director of Found In Time and Three Trembling Cities, Author of Preparing For Takeoff

"This book should be required reading for anyone working as a director, producer, DoP and many other roles, as well as film students. Working in the industry gives a fragmented familiarity with lots of VFX in practice; this book completes the picture and gives me – as a director, producer and First Assistant – a coherent view of why we use certain methodologies and how we can then envision and plan ambitious effects while saving time and money. An extremely useful resource that I’m sure I will return to again and again."

―Liz Gill, Author of Running the Show

"While there are many good VFX books out there aimed at the VFX artist, The Filmmaker’s Guide to Visual Effects fills a niche in providing filmmakers a comprehensive overview on how to successfully implement VFX techniques in their productions."

―Matthew McKenna, Senior Systems Director, School of Visual Arts